Hunter's English 110
Useful Links


1st Research Paper
Useful Links

UMKC Homepage


UMKC Miller-Nichols Library Homepage


National Public Radio Hompage

This is a great source for extremely informative and entertaining radio shows.


Project Gutenberg 

Access to a large database of texts


Spark Notes

Study guides are not inherently evil.  In fact, they are a good resource to aid in understanding.  However, they are JUST a resource and are in no way a substitute for reading the original text.  Use with caution.


The Onion

If you are looking for aridly dry humor and satire, this is the place to go. 


Sci Fi Channel Homepage

Check out the Seeing Ear theatre and the links to original and classic science fiction short stories.


The Smoking Gun

Proof positive that sometimes, truth is far weirder than fiction.