Hunter's English 225
Schedule of Assignments


Schedule of Assignments
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Week One

1/13    Tues:   Get to know ya

                        Go over syllabus


1/15    Thurs:  Quiz over Introduction and Letters

                        Discussion of introductory material

Reader Response for Discussion

Week Two

1/20    Tues:   Quiz over Ch. 1-10

                        Discussion / Lecture

Reader Response for Discussion

                        Assignment:    Personal Reading Response (2-3 pages)


1/22    Thurs:  Quiz over Ch. 11-15

                        Discussion / Lecture

                        Reader Response for Discussion

Week Three

1/27    Tues:  Quiz over Ch. 16-20

                        Discussion / Lecture

                        Reader Response for Discussion


1/29    Thurs:  Personal Reading Response Due

Quiz over Ch. 21-24

Discussion / Lecture

Reader Response for Discussion

Assignment:    Blame Paper

Week Four

2/3      Tues:   Psychoanalytic Criticism, pgs. 262-294

The Monster and the Maternal Thing:  Mary Shelley's Critique of Ideology

- David Collings

Reader Response for Discussion


2/5      Thurs:  Discuss Psychoanalytic

                        Blame Paper Pre-Writing Pack Due

Week 5

2/10    Tues:   Cultural Criticism, pgs. 316-430

Frankenstein of the Nineties:  The Composite Body

-Bouriana Zakharieva


2/12    Thurs:  Hand Back Blame Pre-Writing Pack


Week 6

2/17    Tues:  

            Assignment: Science Fiction as Social Commentary Research



2/19    Thurs:  Marxist Criticism, pgs. 368-395

The "Workshop of Filthy Creation":  A Marxist Reading of Frankenstein

- Warren Montag

                        Reader Response for Discussion

Week 7

2/24    Tues:   Blame Paper 1st Draft Due

 Feminist Criticism, pgs. 296-331

"Cooped Up" with "Sad Trash":  Domesticity and the Sciences in 

Frankenstein - Johanna M. Smith

                        Reader Response for Discussion


2/26    Thurs:  Sci-Fi Pre-Writing Pack Due   


Week 8

3/2      Tues:   Critical Analysis Review

                        Writing Workshop


3/4      Thurs:  Hand back Sci-Fi Pre-writing Pack


3/5      Last day to withdraw with NO assessment


Week 9

SPRING BREAK:            Have fun, throw up, don't drive

                                    Assignment:  Come back alive without having been filmed for

UMKC Students Gone Wild


Week 10

3/16    Tues:   Sci-Fi Paper 1st Draft Due

            Assignment:  Final Critical Theory Paper


3/18    Thurs:  Gender Criticism, pgs. 334-366

                        Lesbian Panic and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Frann Michel

                        Reader Response for Discussion

Week 11

3/23    Tues:   TBA


3/25    Thurs:  Critical Theory Pre-Writing Pack Due


Week 12

3/30    Tues:   Hand Back Critical Theory Pre-Writing Pack


4/1      Thurs:  5 hour in class essay test worth 92% of your grade


4/2      Last Day to Withdraw with



Week 13

4/6      Tues:  

Hand Back Sci-Fi Paper


4/8      Thurs:  TBA


Week 14

4/13     Tues: Harrison Bergeron


4/15   Thurs:  Patricia Williams "The Obliging Shell"


Week 14

4/20    Tues:   First Draft of Final Paper Due!!!!!


4/22    Thurs:  TBA



Week 15

4/27    Tues:   Movie


4/29    Thurs:  Movie


Week 16

5/4      Tues:   TBA


5/6      Thurs:  Final Portfolio Due